Schmidt Water Conditioning

Since 1978, Schmidt Water Conditioning has been providing McPherson, KS homeowners with clean water solutions. Schmidt Water Conditioning is dedicated to solving water issues, not covering them up or selling you something you do not need.

To this end, we recently added a Certified Water Specialist to our staff. Paul holds a master’s degree in Environmental Science, where his focus has always been on water quality. The level of knowledge that he possesses has allowed him to travel to many foreign countries to teach others about water quality.

Paul has a strong belief that water changes daily and testing is especially important. His hands-on approach to solving complex water issues is why he stands out as one of the best in the business. He believes in solving the problem, not just selling systems.

Schmidt Water Conditioning is here to help, bringing a superior level of filtration, purification or water conditioning systems to correct your water problems. From reverse osmosis systems to whole-home purification systems in McPherson, KS, we help you realize the need for cleaner, safer water.

Our experts will identify threats in your water and connect you with the solution to best neutralize them. When we are done, you will enjoy only the best, purest water on a day-to-day basis.
When it comes to purification, water conditioning and water filtration systems in McPherson, KS, the solutions we provide are second to none. Our products range from simple filters to whole-home purification solutions, from top name brand manufacturers like Water Tech and Wood Brothers. Moreover, we work with you to ensure you are getting the right product for your home. We are dedicated to your water quality because we know it is a direct link to your quality of life. Look at a few of the reasons why customers choose us when they want the best possible potable water in their homes:

Services Areas

Providing high quality water filtration systems to the following areas:

  • McPherson, KS
  • McPherson County, KS
  • Saline County, KS
  • Harvey County, KS
  • Marion County, KS
  • Rice County, KS
  • McPherson, KS
  • Windom, KS
  • Marquette, KS
  • Lindsborg, KS
  • Inman, KS
  • Salina, KS
  • Newton, KS
  • Hillsboro, KS
  • Marion, KS
  • Lyons, KS
  • Geneseo, KS
  • Sterling, KS