Water Filtration Systems in McPherson, KS

Experiencing the very best in clean, safe potable water means having the right filtration system in place. Schmidt Water Conditioning is ready to provide you with the best systems and products on the market today—from a brand-new, whole home purification system, to a water softener replacement in McPherson, KS.

We sell and install a wide variety of water filtration systems and products, to ensure you always have access to the very best potable water possible. Some of our products include:

  • Residential water filtration systems: We specialize in whole-home filtration to help remove contaminants and unwanted microbes from your water supply. Consult with us about the quality of your water to learn more about our residential water filtration system options.
  • Reverse osmosis systems: Reverse osmosis is effective at filtering out an abundant number of pathogens in your potable water. These systems are ideal for homes with heavy metals and other microbial contamination.
  • UV lights: UV light is highly effective at neutralizing bacteria and pathogens in water, effectively purifying it of microbes.
  • Water conditioning system: Hard water can leave bad tastes behind, not to mention scale buildups and plumbing problems. Put your hard water to rest with a water softener installation in McPherson, KS!
  • Water filters: Basic water filters can do a lot to remove and neutralize contaminants in your daily potable water supply. Consult with us about which types of filters may be best employed in your home.
  • Water purification system: Need complete water purification to remove a range of contaminants from your water? We have a purification system that’s right for you. Let us help you decide the best way to restore the quality of your home’s water.
  • Water Softener: Extend the life your household appliances by reversing the damaging effects of corrosion. This will also soften your water for shinier hair, brighter clothes, and softer skin.

All of the products we provide are manufactured by industry-trusted name brands, including Water Tech and Wood Brothers. This ensures you’re getting the best performance and value for your investment!

For more information about our products or capabilities, please contact us today by calling 620-241-4550.